Nicole Demara

Nicole Demara

Gentle House

A wise choice! But I should warn you, my services don't come cheap!

Nicole Demara is a character in Zenless Zone Zero.

Nicole Demara Bio

The leader of the odd-job agency the Cunning Hares, who accept all kinds of Hollow-related commissions.

She's been on the streets for many years, and has a reputation among her peers as being exceedingly cunning.

She's been blacklisted by many clients due to her all-or nothing approach.

She loves money, but is surprisingly bad at managing it, leaving the Cunning Hares constantly on the edge of bankruptcy and owing many debts.

Voice Actors

Japanese: Serizawa Yu

Chinese: Chen Tingting (陈婷婷)

Base Stats

StatLevel 1
CRIT Rate5%
PEN Ratio0%
Energy Recover2
Crit DMG50%

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