Anby Demara Information Reavealed

A poster with information on Anby Demara was posted on twitter and other various sources today

Anby Demara

A young girl whose age and past are a mystery. It's not known where she learned such an efficient fighting style.

Accidentally taken in by Nicole and joined the Cunning Hares, she gradually became a strong, and most trusted companion.

She likes movies, but due to a lack of common sense, she often believes them real and follows their example...

This is Anby Demara, a member of the Odd-Job Agency, the 'Cunning Hares'.

Anby Demara Poster

"Anby's Hollow survival rule No. 100: Constant concentration while in a Hollow..."

Voice Actors

The voice actors for the Japanese and Chinese dub was also revealed:

  • Japanese: Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Chinese: Yan Ning (宴宁)