Hollow Survival Guide

There was a new social media post today!

Dear potential citizen, for that perfect New Eridu experience, there's a few things you have to know about the Hollows.

As requested by New Eridu City Administration, we provide a survival guide to all those who wish to enter New Eridu. Please check it out!

Quick Analysis:
It seems the player takes on the role as "Hollow Raiders",the first trailer for the game asked "Who's on our side?" - It seems that the New Eridu government is not, and that we are considered enemies to them. The teaser website was giving off very "conspiracy"-feeling vibes as well. So it seems that the player will have to deal both with the government and ethereals.

Text form:

Survive in a Hollow

Let's reacquaint ourselves with the Hollows.

Hollows are an apocalyptic-level disaster, an abnormal spherical dimension that appears out of thin air swallowing everything they touch. The internal space-time environment becomes disorderly due to unknown influences, and dangerous mutant creatures known as the "Ethereal" are produced. Ordinary people lost in the Hollows face not only the horror of being attacked by monsters, but have to risk the corruption and eventual mutation.

However, citizens need not worry! New Eridu has fully mastered the technology to control the Hollow disaster! It even has the ability to extract valuable Ether from the Hollows. New Eridu is a miracle in an age of Hollow disasters, and should be everyone's only choice!

Are Hollows dangerous?

Good question! That depends on who you are.

Are you a member of the Hollow Investigative Association? Haha, then how could your "office" be dangerous!

Are you a Hollow Raider? Hollow (x) Treasure trove (√)!

Are you an Ethereal? Wow... Then welcome home!

Are you an ordinary citizen? Then please refer to the info below.

What's inside a Hollow?

1. Monsters that attack all foreign living creatures.

2. An unknown substance that is as ubiquitous as air, with great potential as a resource, but also mysteriously corruptive.

3. Those unlucky enough to be corrupted by the above, slowly mutating and gradually losing their conscious thoughts.

4. Lawless Thugs. Yes, there are criminals in the Hollows. They are beyond hopeless.

5. Hollow Raiders, Proxies, and just the insane. Those crazy enough to not be afraid of the dangers of the Hollows, they are also, beyond hopeless.

6. Personnel of official agencies. The only saviors.

Hollow Survival Tips

1. Stay where you are. Remember, the space inside a Hollow is disorganized and disordered.

2. Find a safe place and wait for rescue.

3. If you are spotted by an Ethereal, The Corrupted, or other dangers and have to flee, do so in a direction where the air feels easiest to breathe.

4. Please trust the officially accredited Investigators of the Hollow Investigative Association, and do not associate with "Proxies" or "Hollow Raiders".