Zenless Trailer - A Deep Dive

There were some subtle signs in the trailer that were easy to miss - such as the names for some of the characters and factions. I will attempt to record anything that is noteworthy here.

In total we were shown 4 factions: Gentle House, Belobog Industries, Victoria House and an unnamed faction. Additionally we were shown 11 characters, of which two or possibly five have had their names revealed: Nicole and Nekomata, both members of Gentle House; and possibly Anby and Billy of Gentle House, and Scrappy of Belobog Industries.

Lets go through them one by one:

Gentle House

Gentle House - Zenless Zone Zero Faction

The first faction introduced to us and the one we were given the most information about. Gentle house has four members, and if you look closely in the trailer, they all seem to wear different types of "X" insignias on their outfits, an "X" is also present on their faction logo. They seem to be affiliated with the cute little mascot thingies as well. When the robot guy picks up one of the mascot thingies in the trailer he asks it "Manager, which way should we run?".

Since we are being shown so much of them - it's probably fair to assume that this faction will probably be one of the first we will run into at the beginning of the game.

The four Gentle House characters:


Nicole of Gentle House - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Lets begin with the ones we have names for: Nicole is the first member of Gentle House that we are introduced to, and she is probably one of the most highlighted characters of the game so far, we have a name for her because it scrolls by during the trailer. Her weapon of choice seems to be some heavy energy blaster that she also swings around at the enemy. A bruiser type of character perhaps?

Cat Girl (Nekomata)

Cat Girl Nekomata of Gentle House - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Another member of Gentle House - she's a cat, duh, it's even in her name. Her weapon of choice seems to be claws, it's pretty safe to assume she's an agile melee type character.

Robot Guy (Billy)

Robot Guy Billy of Gentle House - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Pretty sure this guy's names Billy, in his introduction there is 1 frame where the letter "B" is visible, we can clearly see "ILL" coming after the B, and part of what looks like a "Y".

There's also the fact that he uses revolvers as weapons and his outfit has the text "KID" on it - he's almost surely based on "Billy the Kid".

We can see him teleport around while firing his gun in the trailer - expect to see it as a skill in the game.

Lightning Girl (Anby)

Lightning Girl Anby of Gentle House - Zenless Zone Zero Character

The letters "NBY A" are seen scrolling past during her introduction, and her backpack has a nametag that looks like it says "ANBY" doodled on it - I'm not sure, but I'd say this is most likely her name. Not much is known about this girl other than that she's the icon for the game's app logo. Her weapon of choice seems to be a blade imbued with lightning.

Belobog Industries

Belobog Industries - Zenless Zone Zero Faction

The name for this faction is most likely Belobog - It's a location also present in Honkai: Star Rail.

This faction has three members. They seem to be some kind of construction company(?) - they all have power tools, their outfits all have caution tape and the writing on their clothes implies they are in construction. Their company name in Chinese (白祇重工) translates to "Bai Qi Heavy Industries"

The three Belobog Industries characters:

Fire Girl

Fire Girl of Belobog Industries - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Honestly - I don't know what the name of her tools are (English isn't my first language and I'm not a construction worker) - she's wielding some kind of hammer and measuring tool(?).

Her description says "Small but... swift" - but she's definitely also fiery.


Bear of Belobog Industries - Zenless Zone Zero Character

His clothes literally say "bear" in 3 different languages. I'd like to say man's straight thuggin, but it's a bear. Again I'm not sure what his weapon is, seems to be some sort of incinerator(?)

Drill Guy (Scrappy)

Drill Guy Scrappy of Belobog Industries - Zenless Zone Zero Character

After a lot of analyzing, im pretty confident the text "SELFLESS SCRAPPY" shows up when they show this character - so i'm gonna assume his name is Scrappy. Scrappy fights with a rock drill.

Victoria House Keeping

Victoria House Keeping - Zenless Zone Zero Faction

We see very little of this faction in the trailer, there's really nothing notable in the trailer about them, they seem to be enslaved maids/housekeepers.

Maid Girl

Maid Girl of Victoria House Keeping - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Furry Butler

Furry Butler of Victoria House Keeping - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Unnamed Faction

Unnamed Zenless Zone Zero Faction

Seemingly a very mysterious faction - possibly they don't even have a name.

Fox Girl

The character on her sleeve is "特" - it likely means "Secret Agent" in this context.

Fox Girl - Zenless Zone Zero Character

Blue Wind Girl

The mask she puts on in the trailer has the Chinese word for "Wind" (风) written on it. Safe to bet her abilities are wind-based.

Blue Wind Girl - Zenless Zone Zero Character